Unleash the Power of Prompt Engineering: Your Guide to Getting Started

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By Nikhil

Unleash the Power of Prompt Engineering: Your Guide to Getting Started

Are you ready to supercharge your AI projects and stand out in the world of natural language processing? If you’re a student or a young enthusiast aged 18 to 28, it’s time to dive into the exciting realm of prompt engineering. In this post, we’ll break down the basics of prompt engineering and how it can revolutionize your AI journey.

What is Prompt Engineering? Imagine you’re having a conversation with an AI model. The words you use to communicate your query are the “prompts.” Prompt engineering involves crafting these prompts strategically to get accurate and meaningful responses from AI models. It’s like giving the AI a tailored instruction manual to yield the results you desire.


I know you’re bored of consuming the same superficial content on ChatGPT Prompts. Very soon, the same creators will start spamming you about Bard Prompts. They are all losing the point. The goal is not to learn a specific tool. Tools evolve, change, and eventually get outdated.

The goal is to understand the thought process behind using Al to your advantage. want you to understand that once you master the Art of Prompting, you can apply your knowledge to any Al Tool in this world.

Because ChatGPT is the most popular tool at the moment, we will be using our frameworks on ChatGPT to show the expected results. However, you can apply the same frameworks to any generative text tool (including Bard)

Right now, these tools might not give you the best results. However, within the next 12 months, these models will be stronger than you could ever imagine. When that happens, you should be prepared to make the most of them.





You are a senior [subject] Mentor. Give me a weekly routine to improve my [Subject] skills, especially for [Specific topic]. Include uncommon advice and underrated [subject] Resources.

  • This prompt asks an experienced Al mentor in a specific profession to provide a weekly routine, focusing on a specific topic.
  • It also requests uncommon advice and underrated resources in the field. The subject can be tailored to any profession.


Get mentorship from Al of legendary people.



I will provide you with a doubt of mine. I want you to answer that doubt like you were <Personality>. Use the exact mental models, thought processes, and tone of voice that the chosen <Personality> would have. Also, end every answer with one actionable step I can take toward solving my doubt.

Personality: Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Inc.

Doubt: I want to get a great job at Google as a Developer, straight out of college. I am in my second year right now, studying Chemical Engineering in India How should I plan my next 2 years to become a good Developer? What all resources, books, and online tools should I explore to upskill myself?


  • This prompt is designed to provide personalized and actionable advice for any specific doubt or goal, by channeling the thought process and tone of a chosen personality.
  • It encourages the use of mental models and specific recommendations to help the individual take concrete steps towards solving their problem or achieving their objective.


Improve your knowledge with a trivia game



Act like a <subject> trivia game. Your aim is to improve my knowledge of basic<add specific topic>

For each round, come up with one question from the world of Marketing and advertising With 4 options (A, B, C, D) that I can choose from. There should only be one correct answer. I will guess the correct answer. Wait for my response before asking the next question I should get 10 points for each correct answer, I guess. If I guess the wrong answer, then give me points. Calculate the total points I have after each round.

I will have only 10 rounds to reach 50 points. If I reach 50 points at any time. declare me as the winner and stop the quiz. If I don’t reach 50 points after the 10th round, then declare me as the loser If I say “Stop this game” then stop the quiz. If I say “Start again” then reset my points to o and start the quiz rounds again. Let’s start the quiz.

  • This prompt can help you become better at the theoretical aspects of many subjects.
  • You can choose to play the trivia quiz on any topic of your choice and the game can be paused or restarted at any time.

Beyond the basics of promoting: Let’s see how to make ChatGPT your friend and write better prompts for better responses.

GPT is like the smartest topper in your class it will help you with anything you’re stuck with if you are friends with it. I don’t need to tell you how much power you can have when the class topper is on your side.

However, ChatGPT doesn’t talk much it’s pretty shy, so unless you ask something explicitly, it won’t reply.

You need to become friends with GPT. just like I did.

Do you know how? I spent time understanding how GPT behaves and thinks. Once you learn how GPT reads and thinks, you’ll make it comfortable Once you make GPT comfortable. It’ll help you feel like you’re its best friend forever. Let’s understand the basics.

Engineering your Prompts

You saw how we wrote a few messages in GPT to upskill ourselves You also saw the anatomy of those prompts. By now, your brain would have already formed some patterns in how a prompt is written. Well, here is a blueprint of how a good prompt should look like.

  1. Ask GPT to simulate a professional.

Before writing what, you need, you must switch GPT to someone relevant to your problem statement. If I need nutrition advice, I’d ask GPT to act as a Professional Nutritionist! In fact, I’d ask

‘act as a Professional Nutritionist who specializes in muscle building for young males’ because that is what my doubt is going to be around

    2. Explain the task.

There is where a lot of beginners break If you want help with your career, don’t just ask

Give me advice on becoming a full-stack developer’

You need to give GPT as much context as you can the alternative can be I am in the third year of my college, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. By the end of my fourth year, I want to secure a well-paying job as a Stack Developer in a good Tech Company in India. I have not done any coding before. Give me a 12-month plan on learning full stack development from scratch. Please mention free resources, websites, and books I must read in these 12 months.

Are you noticing what I’m doing? I’m sharing every single detail about what I’m going through Assume you’re talking to your best friend with unlimited capacity to hear your problems.

     3. Give constraints

Don’t expect GPT to solve all your problems in one single completion. If you’re trying to write a book, instead of saying.

“Write me a book on basics of UX Design

You need to break down this task into 5 steps. This is how you must slowly learn the art of putting constraints on your prompts and extracting maximum value from GPT. I’m not writing the full prompts here, but to give you an idea, this is how I’d split my prompting.

  • Generate a list of 20 topics I should include for a specific user persona in the book.
  • Generate an index comprising these 10 shortlisted topics and write very catchy chapter titles for each.
  • Give me the 3 most important subheadings I should cover for a specific chapter.


Generate new content ideas and a social media calendar.


I want you to act as a social media coach specializing in content around Technology and Design. You need to mentor me for my Instagram Profile. I am currently at 2500 followers. I want to hit 100k followers in 30 days.

Structure a step-by-step plan, specifying who my target audience should be. what topics I should make content on, and what the strategy should be around putting content on Instagram. Also, built a 30-day calendar for my Instagram uploading schedule.

This prompt helps you to get guidance from ChatGPT on how to increase Instagram followers from 2500 to 100K within 30 days by acting as a Social Media Coach who specializes in content around any niche.

You can also get a step-by-step plan that outlines your target audience, content topics, and strategy to follow for posting on Instagram,


Create Ad Copy for your Brand’s product.


Act as a senior copywriter who specializes in Ad Copy for Handbags. Your task is to create ad copy for Jet-black Handbags with the brand name Alex Jet bags This ad will run on Instagram. Our target is to get the attention of college students who have an average budget but want stylish and long-lasting bags.

Your objective is to communicate the unique features and benefits of the product and ultimately drive conversions. Features of Jet-black Handbags: It is waterproof, durable, clean, and minimal, has three pockets, a special USB slot for charging, and special storage for laptops.

The prompt is asking you to create ad copy for a brand called Alex Jet bags.

The ad will run on Instagram and target college students who want stylish and long-lasting bags at an affordable price. Your task is to highlight the features and benefits of the product to drive conversions.


Write a cold email to a client promoting your product


Act as a cold email specialist; your task is to write a cold email to Mr. Allen Smith, who is a Fitness influencer, and introduce them to the “Fitness tracker Smartwatch” from the brand Fit Pulse. The product features: Bluetooth Calling 100 Sports Mode. Blood-oxygen Saturation Measurement. 24H Heart Rate Monitoring. Sleep Quality Monitoring. Bluetooth Music Control. Bluetooth Voice Assistant, 10 Days of Battery Life, With Call Functions. Touchscreen, suitable for both Fitness and outdoor.

You need to mention how the product can benefit them in their personal life. use the AIDA framework to structure your email to capture their attention, build interest, create desire, and prompt action. Write a personalised, engaging, and to-the-point cold email to increase the chances of a response, creating an interest in the recipient to take action and learn more about the product.

A prompt on crafting effective cold emails to connect with potential clients or customers. With the right approach, cold emailing can be a powerful tool for introducing your product or services.


Why Should You Care?

  • Efficiency: Properly engineered prompts save time by giving the AI clear instructions.
  • Customization: Tailor AI-generated content to your specific needs.
  • Quality Control: Get higher-quality outputs by guiding the AI effectively.
  • Innovation: Prompt engineering unlocks new possibilities, from creative writing to problem-solving.

Bonus Tips:

  • Stay Updated: AI technology evolves rapidly. Stay informed about the latest developments in prompt engineering.
  • Practice Regularly: Like any skill, prompt engineering improves with practice.
  • Respect Ethical Boundaries: Use AI responsibly and avoid generating harmful or inappropriate content.

In a world where AI is becoming increasingly integral, mastering prompt engineering can set you apart as a dynamic and creative problem-solver. Whether you’re a student working on a project or an aspiring AI enthusiast, the power to shape AI’s output is in your hands. So, start crafting those prompts and unleash the true potential of AI-driven content! 🚀📚


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